How To Reuse Profiles Using The Wizard

I see a lot of people asking how they can reuse profiles when they are going through the wizard. There is a way to do it, but it’s not the easiest thing to set up. Luckily I can show you just what you need to do, and it’s only a few steps.

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  • elad grubner

    Hi Doyle,
    I was wondering what are the numbers you have there on the left side?
    Does each number presents one of the sites that you promote?
    I had a strategy when I used the previous version, and now it’s still taking time to figure out..

  • keliix06

    I imported the DB from my live installation so I had data to work with and just changed all of the campaign names to hide niches.

  • Anonymous

    So could you just keep running the same project over and over. Or do you need to change it out at some point?

  • keliix06

    You can run the same projects indefinitely, but they will lose effectiveness. I probably wouldn’t go more than 5 runs without changing out the content.

  • amber coffman

    o my gosh… This just saved my brain from exploding.  THANK YOU!!


  • keliix06

    You’re very welcome.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, thank you!!

  • Brian Uhelski

    Great tip.  Definitely will put to use.  Can profiles be added once a campaign has already begun, but before a particular module has completed?  

    Brian U.

  • keliix06


  • Anonymous

    This is really handy!! :) Great video
    But what happens when email verification starts? Will SenukeX login in to all those emails accounts this is spread over and confirm? — If so That is REALLY cool… :-)
    If not… what is the point (I dislike manual work)!!

  • keliix06

    When you reuse profiles there isn’t any email verification to do, as it’s already done.

  • Haven Drew

    Unlike philipdesmore, I like doing it manually! Is there a way to do this for manually created projects?

    Thanks in Advance

  • keliix06

    Yep. You just copy the profiles into the campaign and you can use them.

  • Blake McKibben

    Great tutorial here Doyle! Just what I needed :)