Make Sure You’re Not Committing Bad JavaScript by Using a Git Hook

As a follow on to my post about using a Git hook with PHP Code Sniffer to make sure that you’re committing good PHP code, this post is going to cover doing the same thing to make sure that your JavaScript passing a JSLint check. The only pre-requisite to get this to work is to […]


The Best Way To Vertically Center with CSS

If there is one thing that’s truly annoying in CSS, it’s trying to vertically center an element inside a parent. You’d think vertical-align:center would work, but normally it doesn’t. display:table-cell often has other issues that need working out. So where does that leave us? Enter transform. Most people only think to use transform to rotate […]

Leave The Link Credit When Using Free Templates

This post is more personal opinion than any tip. On this blog I’m using a free template. It’s one that I found using the theme installer. It’s GPL, meaning I’m certainly free to remove the link in the footer. The author of this template (Simone) actually put two links in in addition to the link […]