Leave The Link Credit When Using Free Templates

This post is more personal opinion than any tip. On this blog I’m using a free template. It’s one that I found using the theme installer. It’s GPL, meaning I’m certainly free to remove the link in the footer. The author of this template (Simone) actually put two links in in addition to the link […]


Cleaning Up wp_posts and wp_postmeta

One annoying feature (at least to me) is that WordPress will automatically store an unlimited number of revisions for every post on your site. This can, to say the least, create huge wp_posts and wp_postmeta tables. You can also decide that you just want to delete some stuff. Unfortunately this all just leads to lots […]


Display Custom Fields In Your Search Results

Sometimes when you are setting up your search results page you don’t want to just use the_excerpt() to show your snippet. It’s not uncommon to use custom fields to store content that might be better suited to showing up. In a lot of cases that content might be stored by your SEO plugin, say WordPress […]


Make WordPress Search A Lot Better – With SearchWP

It’s my first post on this blog, so I figured I better make it a good one. It’s no secret that the place where WordPress falls way short is search. Unless of course you just want to show some posts that match the term in the title or content, and just show those in reverse […]